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The 1850th SAP Days will take place

in Paris on January 202529-31


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Cover of BMSAP volume 36, published in April 2024. The illustration chosen is a thin section observed under the light microscope of a human rib from the Sainte-Anne cemetery, Koekelberg, Belgium (Trenchat et al.).



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Position of the SAP Board of Directors on the motion from Revues en Lutte


The Board of the SAP and the Editorial Board of the BMSAP associate themselves with the motion of Revues en Lutte, which calls for mobilizing against the far right and rallying around the program of the Nouveau Front Populaire, which carries the values of intellectual and scientific freedom in which we firmly believe.


The urgent situation in which Emmanuel Macron's inconsistent and dangerous decision has placed us has not allowed us to consult all SAP members on this issue, so we make it clear that we do not speak on behalf of the Society. We hope, however, that our members will show the discernment and commitment that the situation demands.


The Board of Directors of the Société d'Anthropologie de Paris