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The 1848th SAP annual meeting days are over.

We thank all the contributors and organisers
for making this meeting a success.

Rendez-vous in Paris on January, 24-26 2024
for the 1849th SAP days. 

The last BMSAP issue
is available !

Cover of volume 35, number 1 of BMSAP. (Top) Brown-red banner. Left: long dark part with on the left the logo of the SAP in light brown (an oval planisphere centered on Europe, surmounted by 7 humans holding hands), then in white the name of the journal BMSAP with below 'Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris'. Right: Lighter part where it is written in white, from top to bottom: 'Volume 35 # 1', 'April 2023', 'ISSN 0037-8984', with underneath a clear band where is written in brown 'Publication foundée en 1859'. (Middle) Cover image: A doctor's costume to protect himself from the plague. It is a person seen from his right profile, wearing a long hooded robe, with a wide-brimmed flat hat, a mask in the shape of a bird's beak and a kind of round glasses. The hands are bare and the left hand holds a thin wooden rod that tapers to the tip. Image from Historiarum anatomicarum rariorum centuria, p. 142 (Thomas BARTHOLIN). (Bottom) Red-brown banner on which is written in white 'Revue soutenue par l'Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales du CNRS'. In the middle, the CNRS logo is superimposed on the lower banner and the cover image (logo: ovoid in dark blue gradient on which is written horizontally in white and sky blue 'cnrs', and in white, under the letter 'n' and vertically, 'dépasser les frontières').



 The results of the Covid-19 impact survey are now available!
You can consult them here
Thanks for the participants






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Motion from the Société d’Anthropologie de Paris on the Research Programming Law


The SAP has officially tabled its opposition to the enactment of the French Research Programming Law (LPR), in particular through the motion carried by electronic ballot during the Annual General Meeting on 30 January 2020 (116 for, 2 against, 1 abstention).
The LPR has now been passed by the French Parliament, but the SAP continues, through its journal, to contest its multiple deleterious effects.

The BMSAP is a member of the revues en lutte collective federating journals opposed to the LPR. In their parliamentary meeting on 13 November 2020, they tabled the following motion:

"The LPR, which has been passed by the Upper and Lower House (even though the government does not have a majority in the Upper House) despite the opinions of the Economic and Social Council and the High Council for Equality, profoundly modifies the orientations of French research and higher education institutions towards increasing subordination of these institutions and their jurisdictions to political power, by stripping them of their independence.

This Parliament of 158 journals denounces the LPR law, underlines the absence of consultation and the brutal means used by the government to pass the law (fast-tracked procedure during the spring and autumn recesses), calls on the future candidates for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections to commit to consultations with the ESR in order to rewrite a law that will be of benefit to all and will liberate research and higher education from their entrapment in the hyper-competitiveness to which they are condemned by the law as it stands."


The Board of Directors of the Société d'Anthropologie de Paris