Two steps to present posters and papers


Step 1: Submission, deadline  13 September 2022 (inclusive)

To submit an oral or poster presentation, please click here to fill in the form. 

Please note that you will also need to register to attend the event.

Maximum length of abstract: 300 words.

IMPORTANT: the Scientific Committee (SC) will be particularly attentive to the care taken in writing the abstracts. In addition to the quality of the language, abstracts must meet current scientific standards with respect to aims, investigations, materials and methods, results and conclusions. The SC is also very attentive to the observance of ethical principles. Finally, submissions must obviously fall within the scope of biological anthropology. Any submission that does not comply with these rules of presentation will be rejected, irrespective of its quality.


Step 2: Opinion from the Scientific Committee ► end of October

After assessment by the SC, you will receive a final opinion on your proposal, which will confirm:
- its acceptance or rejection
- the topic area to which your paper will be attributed
- the form of communication chosen (oral presentation or poster)


About the posters


Posters should be in A0 PORTRAIT format (H=1189mm × W=841mm), preferably with eyelets.

Best poster prize

This is an honorary prize that will be awarded to the authors of the best poster, as selected by the Awards Committee during the conference. All poster proposals are automatically eligible for this prize, provided they are submitted within the deadline of the call for papers.