Presenting our journal 

The Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris (BMSAP) were first published in 1859, the year when the Société d'Anthropologie de Paris (SAP, the Paris Anthropological Society), was founded, making it the world's oldest journal in the field of biological anthropology. The BMSAP offers multidisciplinary coverage of the different fields of anthropology, an area where human biology and human culture intersect. The papers explore the origins and evolution of Hominids, their populating processes deduced from archaeological, genetic and demographic data, the dynamics of change in societies and their environment and the biological, social and cultural responses thus induced, as well as funerary archaeo-anthropology and the history of our discipline. We publish original articles, reviews and research notes in English or French. The BMSAP also publishes book reviews, lists of PhD theses produced in the relevant disciplines each year and summary proceedings of the annual Société d'Anthropologie de Paris seminars. Since 2021, the entire BMSAP content are available free of charge on the OpenEdition Journals platform, with no publication costs incurred by the authors (diamond open access).

How we operate

The SAP Board of Directors elects the Chief Editors of the BMSAP (usually two) among its members. The Chief Editors are responsible for all aspects of the journal's management. They are supported in their work by an Editorial Committee whose members are the Chief Editors themselves, the President and Secretary-General of the Society, and several members of the Board of Directors, who are elected to the Editorial Committee on a one-year renewable basis.

The Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris also works with an international peer-review panel comprising 25 anthropologists from different countries and areas of specialisation in Biological Anthropology. Of the 25 members, 15 work in foreign institutions and represent 9 countries other than France.

The BMSAP journal uses the international criteria generally applied for peer reviews of scientific work. Manuscripts submitted to the BMSAP should be sent to the Chief Editors (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). After an initial review by the Chief Editors, the manuscripts are sent to the Editorial Committee to discuss their submission to expert peer review. This review is conducted by a minimum of two specialists in the discipline to which the article relates. Usually, but not necessarily, at least one of these specialists is member of the BMSAP peer review panel (listed below). In order to be published, each article must (i) receive approval from the members of the editorial committee; (ii) receive approval from the reviewers to whom they are submitted and (iii) comply with the presentation requirements detailed in the Guide for Authors.

Editorial Committee

Chief Editors :


Editorial Committee


  • Yann Ardagna (Marseille)
  • Benoît Bertrand (Lille)
  • Cécile Buquet-Marcon (Paris)
  • Bérénice Chamel (Lyon)
  • Guillaume Daver (Poitiers)
  • Morgane Gibert (Toulouse)
  • Yann Heuzé (Bordeaux)
  • Sacha Kacki (Bordeaux)
  • Anne Le Maître (Vienna, Austria)
  • François Marchal (Marseille)
  • Laura Maréchal (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Aurélien Mounier (Paris)
  • Olivia Munoz (Nanterre)
  • Camille Noûs (Laboratoire Cogitamus)*
  • Caroline Partiot (Vienna, Austria)
  • Floriane Rémy (Bordeaux)



* About Camille Noûs :

  • Françoise Aubaile (France)
  • Alfredo Coppa (Italy)
  • Eugénia Cunha (Portugal)
  • Kristiaan D’Août (United Kingdom)
  • Pierre Darlu (France)
  • Isabelle de Groote (United Kingdom)
  • Richard Delisle (Canada)
  • Olivier Dutour (France)
  • Katerina Harvati (Germany)
  • John Hawks (USA)
  • Évelyne Heyer (France)
  • Trenton Holliday (USA)
  • Jean-Jacques Hublin (Germany)
  • Louise Humphrey (United Kingdom)
  • Christopher Knüsel (France)
  • Marta Lahr (United Kingdom)
  • Giorgio Manzi (Italy)
  • Hans Christian Petersen (Denmark)
  • Gilles Pison (France)
  • Caroline Polet (Belgium)
  • Alicia Sanchez Mazas (Switzerland)
  • Philipe de Souto Barreto (France) 
  • Frédérique Valentin (France)
  • Martine Vercauteren (Belgium) 


  • Translation/correction: Ilona Bossanyi
  • Layout: Fabien Tessier