SAP members are entitled to a reduction in the registration fee for the annual SAP meeting. Membership allows them to become involved in the Society's activities by taking part in the votes for the renewal of the Board of Directors and in voting at the Annual General Meeting (organised each year to coincide with the Symposium at the end of January). Members are regularly informed of the Society's activities and about current events in anthropology in France and abroad (contracts, symposiums, etc.).
You can apply for membership by using the form on this page. Once your application has been validated by the SAP Board of Directors, you will be able to pay your membership fee using one of the methods described in the fees section.
The SAP is a registered not-for-profit organisation under the French 1901 Charities Act. As such, it is able to accept donations, including from non-members.
Please note that if you declare your income in France, you are entitled to a tax deduction of 66% of the amount paid to a charitable organisation, even if you are not taxable. This means that your annual membership fee or donation will actually cost you only a third of what you pay to the Society.